Goa Wedding Planning Tips

Goa Wedding Planning Tips

The thought of a Goa Destination can be really exciting.  And we totally agree with that. Goa is the land of beaches that provides a perfect setting for a Beach Wedding. Very few places in India have this privilege, thereby making Goa the most popular Wedding Destination in India. We are sure almost everyone has visited Goa as a tourist at least once in their lifetime and have fond memories of this place. When it comes to a Wedding though, things can get different. Here a few Wedding Planning Tips:

Plan Your Budget

Make a budget sheet. List down all the things that will be required to make your Destination Wedding memorable. Take the help of your Wedding Planner if you have already hired one. This will help you create a more realistic budget. Once you have your budget, start shortlisting venues as per your budget and requirement. Don’t go overboard with your Venue selection, since this will directly impact the overall cost of your event. 

Book Your Wedding Dates Well In Advance

The first thing you need to do is to book your Wedding Venue. We recommend booking your Wedding Venue at least a year in advance or as soon as you have your Muhurat Dates. Popular Wedding Venues such as Holiday Inn, W Goa, The Leela, JW Marriott get booked way sooner and almost all other properties are always completed sold out on Muhurat dates. 

Visit the Wedding Venue

Everything looks good on the internet and in some cases, it is the other way round. It is highly likely that a property you saw on the net looked amazing and when you actually see it, it does not meet your expectations. Likewise, something that may not look so good on the net may tell a different story when you see it in person. So instead of regretting, it is best you plan a visit to the property for finalization

Time of The year

Goa has a tropical climate. The best time to get married in Goa is from Oct-March. April & May get relatively hotter and even if you plan to get married in these months, avoid any outdoor function during the day. We recommend you avoid monsoons altogether as it rains heavily in Goa any event outdoor can turn into a nightmare. Having said that, the prices are relatively lower in monsoon and you could get a great deal. The choice is yours.

Hire a Wedding Planner

Do yourself a favour and Hire a Wedding Planner. You may have to factor the cost of Hiring a Professional, however, it will be worth it. A Wedding involves countless hours and months of planning and you need to enjoy your Wedding Planning journey. It shouldn’t feel like a burden to you given you will have other responsibilities including a job/business to take care of. Your Wedding Planner will be your personal advisor/friend for all the events leading up to your marriage. There are a lot of Wedding Planners in Goa and other cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore who plan Destination Weddings in Goa. 

For Venue Booking, Complete Wedding Planning,  Design & Decor, kindly get in touch with us. Our team of Professional Planners will guide you at each step of the Wedding Planning thereby ensuring you have a stress-free and memorable experience. 

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